Is There a Single Way to Radically Improve Our Cities?

Mobility and the space dedicated to mobility amounts to the single most important factor for the liveability of cities. Or at least as seen from the point of view of travel, public spaces, aesthetics, air quality, connectivity, amenities, functionality, commuting, leisure time, coolness and climate change.

That is why, before rushing headlong towards all the new mobility innovations that seem to be sprouting up left and right these days, we had better put deep thought into what we want our cities to look like. If we could paint a grand picture of our ideal future city, how would it look?

A lot of what comes to mind seems to be nearly the very opposite of what most major cities in the world have to oer these days: peace and quiet, clean air and a plethora of green, beautiful spaces to walk through or rest in. Community spirit is about knowing your neighbours, being able to borrow milk or a few eggs, engaging in conversation with friends while kicking back in your local square. And finally, being able to travel...

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