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    Celebrating Public Spaces

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    Rethinking Urban Villages

2 Executive Programs announced by Institute for Housing & Urban Development, Rotterdam & My Liveable City Academy
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Infrastructure, Planning & Landscape for Sustainable Cities

30 June-6th July 2019

at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Affordable Housing & Affordable Cities

7th July 13 the July,2019

at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Celebrating Public Spaces

Archana Gupta and Anshuman Gupta argue for a uniquely ‘Indian gaze’ to understand the apparent chaos and informality deeply inherent in most public spaces in India


Amidst Urban Edges

Elahe Karimnia revisits the appropriation of urban edges


Rethinking Urban Villages

Chongxian Chen and Yu Xia argue for embracing rather than erasing informal villages in Guangzhou


Regulating the Unorganised

Nynke Jelles shows us how even in this very planned and organised country, there are pockets of informality that aren’t self-evident


Artistic Representation of Migration in the Urban Space

Dmitriy Oparin explains how the misconceptions of immigration can be cleared up with some creative outdoor art