Have you heard?

“So what’s new?” is an often-repeated question in casual conversation with friends. In a rapidly evolving world, it seems we want to get directly to the topic with dependably rich content. Surely there are new happenings at work, new events on the horizon, new articles read, new processes of life management, new products purchased, new problems at home and so on.

With so much talk about how our lives are changing, parallel discussions emerge about new products, services and experiences that fulfill fresh needs and challenge the status quo. Especially in the domain of urban mobility, a seemingly universal pain point for active city residents. The experience of getting around in an increasingly congested and growing urban nvironment is awash with daily frustrations and a topic ripe for tailored recommendations. Phrases like, “Did you read that article about…” or “I just bought this new thing that…” or “You might like this new app…” are heard in quicker succession every day.

The value of such personal referrals is in prior knowledge of one’s preferences, likes and habits. In recommending a new product, service or experience, friends don’t just show o† their awareness but also hope to inspire new possibilities in life. For example, recommending the Onewheel to recreation enthusiasts looking for a new challenge in transportation might just be the perfect reference; who would turn down...

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