Date: Monday 07th Sep to Friday 11th Sep, 2020

Location: International Center of Urbanism, Department of Architecture, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Kasteelpark Arenberg 1, 3001 Heverlee.

Organised by:

MY LIVEABLE CITY ( MLC) in cooperation with
Department of Architecture and International Center of Urbanism
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.

The course will be held mainly at the campus of the Katholieke Univeriteit Leuven at Heverlee. Participants will have the opportunity to buy their lunch in one of the food-outlets on the campus. The program is meant to give insight into the field of Landscape Urbanism and into the possibilities of designing for Climate Resilience. Landscape Urbanism signifies the coming together of the disciplines of Urban Design and Urban Planning with that of Landscape Design, Ecology and Environmental Design. Landscape Urbanism offers a way forward to address complex urban conditions in which diverse issues such as infrastructure and mobility, water management, biodiversity and human activity are examined in conjunction with each other. When successfully applied it has the potential of leading us towards designs which are climate resilient.

Besides a series of lectures and presentations on a variety of topics, the program will help focus the participants’ attention and energy through a design-exercise on the issues of urbanisation and its consequence on landscape on a specific site in the foothills of the Himalayas, to the north of Delhi. The exercise will hone the skills of the participants to seek climate resilient design for an ecologically sensitive site, so that on their return they will be able to use these skills at their work, be it at design or at policy level.

Details of the Program

DAY 1: (MONDAY 07th September)

9.30 - 9.45 hrs.

INTRODUCTION TO THE PROGRAM :Shyam Khandekar, Director and Co-Founder, MY LIVEABLE CITY.

9.45 - 11.00 hrs.

LECTURE : Introduction to Climate Resilience and Landscape Urbanism : Climate Change and Urban Design : Leo van Broeck ( KU.Leuven)

11.00-11.15 hrs.


11.15- 12.30 hrs.

LECTURE : Water and Forest Urbanism and introduction to the design site : Bruno de Meulder & Kelly Shannon ( KU.Leuven )

12.30- 13.30 hrs.


13.30- 17.00 hrs.

DESIGN WORKSHOP( guided by Kelly Shannon and Bruno de Meulder) Follow-up on introduction to the design exercise for site at the foothills of the Himalayas. Formation of groups.

DAY 2: (TUESDAY 08th September)

9.30- 10.15 hrs.

LECTURE : Policy and Climate Resilience in Belgium : Joris Scheers ( KU.Leuven )

10.15- 11.00 hrs.

LECTURE : Alternative Mobility : Mathias Blondia ( KU.Leuven)

11.00- 11.15 hrs.


11.15- 12.15 hrs.

LECTURE : Landscape Urbanism in practice : Shyam Khandekar ( MLC)

12.15-13.15 hrs.


13.15 - 17.30 hrs.

VISIT to contemporary projects in Gent and neighbourhood, with examples of Alternative Mobility, New Docks and Regeneration of Public Space.

DAY 3: (WEDNESDAY 09th September)

9.30- 10.15 hrs.

LECTURE : Cyclic Urbanism : Julie Martin ( KU.Leuven )

10.45- 11.00 hrs.

LECTURE : Design and area specific development : Liesl Vanautgarden ( KU.Leuven)

11.00- 11.15 hrs.


11.15- 12.15 hrs.

LECTURE : Landscape Urbanism in practice : Vinayak Bharne ( MLC)

12.15- 13.15 hrs.


13.15- 17.30 hrs.

DESIGN WORKSHOP: ( guided by Kelly Shannon and Bruno de Meulder ) Continuation of design exercise :Work in small groups on design ( site ).

DAY 4: (THURSDAY 10th September)

9.30- 12.30 hrs.

Continuation of design exercise : Work in small groups on desin ( site).

12.30- 13.30 hrs.


13.30- 17.30 hrs.

VISIT to contemporary projects in Antwerp and neighborhood, with examples of ???

DAY 5: (FRIDAY 11th September)

9.30- 11.30 hrs

LECTURE : New Morphologies and typologies : Bruno de Meulder & Kelly Shannon ( KU.Leuven).

11.30- 12.30 hrs.


12.30- 16.00 hrs

Continuation of DESIGN WORKSHOP and its conclusion.

16.00- 17.00 hrs :

Review of the results reached in the design exercise.

17.00- 18.30 hrs :

Terminating the program with drinks, including award of the certificates to the participants.