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The Post COVID City and Homes

Posted by : Satish, Sri City, India, City Developer
08 May, 2020 15:58:49



The human being is a social animal but the global pandemic will have a paradigm-changing impact on social interactions, the future of City life, Built environment, Mobility preferences, and what we value in a City.


For several years the Information and Telecommunication Technology existed but people were not ready. The pandemic will probably speed up the Digitization of our Lifestyle. Organizational acceptance of WFH, Digital/ Virtual commute and globally distributed teams will only increase.


City dwellers will avoid non-critical meetings, daily commutes. Students will attend more Virtual classes and submit assignments digitally. Families will probably avoid crowded places like restaurants, malls, parks, theaters, or sports stadiums for a long time.


How will all this affect the City design, Public places, Mobility solutions and even design of Homes will be researched in the immediate future and will probably make a permanent impact on the thumb-rules of Urban Design, Commercial and Residential buildings.


Right now there are too many questions with no clear answers.


Future Commercial and Retail and Public Spaces

Will the big malls and departmental stores exist in the same format, will digital dominate the buying behavior, Will cafe and Restaurant need redesign, Will the Theaters and Sports arena see spectators any time soon or people will prefer to watch on 4K (maybe 8K) home theaters. Will the walkways, Parks, and Plazas need a redesign to make them safer for users. Will we see more robots in public places providing services that are too unsafe for human workers.


Future Office

Will the offices do more ‘hoteling’ and have only 50% of seats expecting rest WFH. Will the office be ‘social distancing friendly’. Will, there be fewer meeting rooms or spacing between the seats will be increased. Will there be a change in the reception and lobby area with a screening and sanitization space added. Will, there be more number (but smaller) cubicles to give employees the feeling of safety and a maybe rethink on open plan office, Will the office cafeteria exist in the same shape or there will be fundamental changes.


Future Home

Will each home need an Office room. Will the design and layout be revisited to segregate living and Home-office area, With schools and Universities going virtual,  will kids need a separate learning or virtual school room in the house, Will nature come into homes, Will the homes have a changing room at the entrance so that you can change and then enter the living area. Will the Apartment layout change to minimize interaction with other tenants.


One thing that I know is that the future of our Life in the city will certainly change and so will be the social interactions. I am looking forward to virtually work for the World from my City, fewer hours spent commuting, less jetlagged days, more time with family, a Cleaner Environment, and being a virtual citizen of multiple cities at the same time.

Welcome to post-COVID City and a New World.