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Adaptability, resilience and architecture of pandemic

Posted by : Sheeba Amir, Leuven, Belgium, Urbanist, Researcher
23 Mar, 2021 14:24:54

While working as an architect in the small villages of North-East India, I noticed the importance of community institutions as the crucial social infrastructure. In rural areas with the slow pace of development and scarce resources, these spaces play a multifunctional role. Present in the form of schools, village playgrounds, religious and administrative buildings; they quickly get transformed to accommodate community gathering for events like local festivals, religious functions and weddings. During Covid-19 these institutions were adapted to play the emergency role of quarantine centres. As various countries are moving towards mass vaccination programmes, as vaccination venues, multifunctionality of these social infrastructures once again becomes evident. The adaptability and multifunctionality of spaces could contribute to building of resilience of cities/villages towards risks like natural hazards and pandemics.

In her article, Marie Patino discusses the architecture of mass vaccination venues in light of adaptive reuse of existing infrastructure to fight covid-19 in various cities.