November 14-15, 2013, ITC Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi
  • Mr John Jung

    Co-founder, The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), New York. John originated the Intelligent Community concept and continues to serve as the Forum's leading visionary.

    He is also the CEO of the Canadian Technology Triangle. An Urban Planner by training, John has lectured extensively across the world on how Technology will help improve the quality of our cities. He does what few speakers can do: he provides the global context for Intelligent Communities, but he also presents the road map for becoming part of this elite group of cities. He is the co-author of the recently published book Brain Gain, which deals with this topic.

  • Linda Vlassenrood

    Program Director, Program Director at the International New Town Institute (INTI), where she set up the international research program New New Towns. Why we need to rethink the city of tomorrow today. The New New Towns program is dedicated to improving the urban and social quality of several exceptional New Towns. Linda has been working in Shenzhen (China) and Chandigarh (India) since 2011. These cities are experiencing fast urbanization and they face major urban planning issues. New New Towns serves a unique role in bringing together international and local expertise in a multidisciplinary think-tank. It is a catalyst for the exchange of knowledge between students, researchers, design professionals, developers, policymakers and politicians.

  • Mr Sanjay Prakash

    Mr Sanjay Prakash: MD of SHiFT (Studio for Habitat Futures) a group of building technologists oriented towards design for a future that is sufficient, regenerative, and efficient.

    Sanjay is a well known architect with a commitment to energy conscious architecture, people’s participation in planning, eco friendly design and over the years he has integrated all his work with the practice of new urbanism and sustainability. His area of practice and research over the last 30 years includes passive and low energy architecture and planning, hybrid air conditioning, autonomous energy and water systems, bamboo and earth construction, community based design of common property, etc.

  • Chitra Vishwanath

    Principal Architect & Managing Director, Biome, A firm that she co-founded based on a commitment to create environmentally and socially responsible living.

    Her firm focuses on how to make positive changes in the design of buildings and cities to reduce their environmentally harmful effects, facilitate a lifestyle in harmony with the natural world, and benefit everyone involved in the process – from the end-user to the plumber and the mason. Biome’s methods for achieving these goals include the use of locally sourced materials, design for maximum efficiency in energy, water and other natural resources, and adhering to ethical labour practices.

  • Shyam Khandekar

    Co-founder, My Liveable City a visionary urban planner and designer.

    Shyam runs his practice from the Netherlands where he has developed a unique and holistic view of cities. He has studied and practised urban design, city planning, landscape design and architecture for 4 decades and has led multi- disciplinary design studios in Europe and India. Shyam has lectured extensively around the world at conferences and universities on how liveable cities can be created. Central to his effort for 4 decades has been his passion to create sustainable urban environments. It is his conviction that pedestrian movement must play a central role in this. " As citizens of cities, a comfortable pedestrian environment is our birthright, or a Janam siddha adhikaar, as Tilak would have put it. We should demand that environment “

  • Francis Glare

    Director Urbanisation of BDP and Chairman BDP India:

    As the Director of Urbanism of one of the largest European International Design practices, Francis will address the issues of what Smart Technogies can do for our public domain. Francis has been involved in developments from city visions to the remodelling of ‘sink’ estates - from Scunthorpe to Malaysia. He is currently a member of an INTA Peer Review Panel invited by EPADESA (the Urban Development Corporation for La Defense/Seine Arche in Paris), undertaking a review of the development strategy for the  La Defense and Seine Arche district of Paris.